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Mid year update

Mid year update

It’s been awhile since my last Post…. I can’t quite believe it’s almost the end of July and we are entering the second half of 2017!!  Brown’s PR has been busy….what with PR Clients, BWA events, Mentoring on the WOW Programme, indulging in my love of reading…via my fabulous Book Club, keeping in touch with friends and, of course, my absolute priority: Keeping in touch with my children living abroad… and my family, here at home!

I learn, every day, that everyone has a story, everyone has a tale to tell…. and, when I feel like life is just…hectic… there is always someone whose life is worse off, whose story has taken a sad turn or whose challenges are so much greater… and that puts my life into perspective and forces me to face reality and just… get on with it!

So.. as we head into the next “semester” of this year: May I wish you well, may I wish you all that is good and may I ask that you spare a thought, or your time, or your contribution(however small or large) towards others and perhaps making someone else’s story a happier one!


Chat soon!  Thank you for reading…..:)