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Lockdown has given us all the time to think about the way forward, time to re set, to re think, and to innovate in a world that will look very different.
Our collective thoughts are always stronger than individual ones, thus the journey of mentoring came to mind.
Thus, we are proud to introduce “Collective Insights”, a mentoring initiative which was born during this time of reflection. With insights gleaned from several women, nationally, we have decided to heed the call that #weareinthistogether. Collectively we have agreed to pay it forward and encourage positive steps to mentor other young women.
This initiative will consist of 3 x 30 minute sessions (1 session per month), with data sponsored by Vodacom, to improve accessibility.
Who has agreed to mentor?
Women like: Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Tracy Going, Dr Dorianne Weil, Nosipho Damasane, Edith Venter;
Women like: Princess Tsakani, Carol Hall, Dr Bridgette Gasa, Annelee Murray, Masego Kunupi;
Women like: Dawn Nathan-Jones, Nomkhita Mona, Dorothea Moors, Nozibele Mayaba, Jacky Buys
These women have agreed to the giving of their time and expertise at no charge!
Thank you, so much to everyone who tuned into our session with Sowetan Live! We had 1,8k views🙏🏼
Stay tuned, #CollectiveInsights has more in-store for you!